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Are you looking for something special or do you have particular requirements for your new home? Tired of going from builder to builder trying to find a home that suits your lot or family's needs? The answer could be a custom home by Amano Homes.

As the first step in the process, one of our consultants will meet with you to take a detailed brief of your dreams and aspirations as well as visit your site to gain a better understanding of its layout and potential. Upon doing so, our consultants will provide you with preliminary advice based on our extensive construction experience and knowledge of council requirements. Our consultants will then liaise with our design and construction teams to ascertain an indicative price point for the project and provide you with a detailed feasibility report.

Once fulfilling this initial assessment and ascertaining the viability of the project we can commence drawing scaled plans and elevations as well as work out all site related costs applicable to building the proposed home on your site. In order to complete this part of the process however, we will need to order a feature contour survey, a site inspection report and complete the initial drawings.

Subsequently, we require a small payment to partly cover these costs. These funds do, however, form part of your deposit when you proceed further with council submissions.

Once the initial drawings have been completed, our consultants will meet with you to present the preliminary drawings and work with you to revise the plans as required. During this period our consultants will also liaise with local council regarding the compliance of the proposed plans.

Upon completing your final drawings and receiving the survey and site analysis report, we then prepare your home for a detailed costing. Once priced, your consultant will meet with you again to walk you through the quotation and help bring your plans to life.

Turning your aspirations into reality is our mission and the reason for our rich diversity in construction types. From single storey, double storey, triple storey, undercrofts or low rise apartment buildings, each construction type has been birthed by a similar process and we look forward to assisting you through that process too.

Contact one of our consultants today and start the journey to your Amano Home.

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