Can I Develop?

It is relatively easy to work out if you can develop - it begins with knowing your R-Code and zoning, and the size of your block. However, R-Codes can be confusing, and without the right information you may be end up applying for a subdivision that doesn't maximise your return on investment. There may also be local laws or regulations that affect or over-ride the R-Codes or limit the kind of development you can undertake.

So we recommend that you call us, and using the knowledge and local government connections at our fingertips, we can work out whether or not you can develop while you're on the phone. More importantly, we can also help you figure out your options on configuring the development, and advise on issues such as titles and ownership, to ensure you achieve your goals.

Once we determine if you can and how best to develop, we'll show you examples of similar developments we've completed, and can usually provide you with an indication of the costs of your proposed project.

If you'd rather not contact us directly just yet, use this form to find out if you can develop your property. 

An R-Code determines the minimum block size for any single residence. So how does it affect your subdivision plans?
How does Zoning affect your ability to subdivide and develop? Could there be other uses for your block than residential?
Residential Design Codes
Find out how the local council’s regulations can override those of the R-Codes here.

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