In simple terms, an R-Code (Residential Design Code) tells you how many residences can be placed on a 10,000 square metre parcel of land, and is used to determine the minimum size of a residential block. So, for example, R20 means you could have up to twenty residences on a 10,000sqm block, at an average of 500sqm per block, while R30 gives you up to thirty residences on a minimum of 333sqm per block.

Generally speaking, the majority of Perth’s suburbs are zoned R20 with suburbs closer to the city zoned R30 & R40.

However it is much more complicated than that, as the Residential Code determines other basic building parameters such as plot ratios, densities and setbacks along with guidelines regarding open space, overlooking and overshadowing, just to name a few, and it is also affected by Zoning.

Keeping up with the frequent changes in zoning and R-Codes is difficult enough for development professionals - for inexperienced developers it can be confusing, misleading and discouraging. That's why the Amano Homes Development team keeps abreast of local and state government rulings and regulations, and we can quickly find out and advise you what is possible on your lot.

If you're still keen on learning about R-Codes in detail, please download the 78 page booklet by clicking on the link below.

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