Zoning is controlled by your local government authority, and its purpose is to prescribe exactly what the land can and can't be be used for - it may be in an area that is zoned for residential only, mixed used commercial and residential, commercial only, industrial only etc - and it also helps to determine the R-Code applied to a block.

For example areas near shopping centres and public transport may sometimes benefit from higher ratings like R60 or higher, and this can affect your development plans.

Local governments often modify or change zoning and/or R-Codes, and there may even be a zoning change planned in your area for the future. That's why it pays to keep informed of your council's zoning activities and plans. But if you don't have the time or are unsure of the implications of zoning laws and changes in your area, talk to a team member at Amano Homes.

Our local government, zoning and R-Code expertise comes from over 15 years of dealing with these kind of issues, and how they can be turned to your benefit.

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