If you have a larger block, and your Zoning and R-Codes are favourable, investing in a multi-unit development could be very rewarding. The costs are higher and the time it takes may be longer, so make sure you have a strong business case and that your timing accounts for a longer wait before the "pay day". Ensure you get the title structure right too, or you could wait longer than you planned for settlement. The Amano Homes Development team has experience in building multi-unit developments from 3 to 12 dwellings, so we can definitely help.

Below are some examples of multi unit strata developments we have built for client's recently.


This is the last stage of a large development whereby we assisted our regular and repeat clients to build a series of two-storey homes in 4 different stages here in Cohn Street. 
As part of a large development we assisted our clients to amalgamate and subdivide the land in a way that they could develop the lots into 4 stages each consisting of 7 two-storey homes. 
On assessment of our clients’ site we ascertained that they could subdivide their lot in a way that they could build 6 homes on it.
Nominated for two HIA Award’s in 2014, these townhouses were designed with a semi-federation style to appeal to the Victoria Park council for approval.  Each
Single storey and a double storey duplex.
Three dwellings - 2 double storey and 1 single storey.
6 double storey grouped dwellings.
Six two storey dwellings.
Six single storey homes.
Five single storey dwellings.
Four two storey dwelling development.
Four two storey homes.
Four single storey dwellings.
Single storey quadraplex strata development.

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