How to do a Development

Every subdivision and development presents a unique set of challenges and rewards. Whether you are a seasoned investor or a first-timer, the Amano Homes development team can provide you with an honest appraisal of the site, assess your proposal, and help you determine the most profitable development approach for your site.

The key is to get the ownership/title structure, the finance and the timing right at the outset, and to treat the project strictly as a business. That's where the Amano Homes team's expertise and objectivity can help you keep emotion out of it, and get the best possible result.

The following pages offer insights into the how, when and why of successful development -  to find out more click on the links below or click here.

Long before you consider designs or styles, think about what you want from your investment and how to achieve it.
Once you've decided what your development will look like, what your probable return on investment will be and how you will get the maximum benefit from it, it's time to look at the block.
If the Feasibility study works out and it appears on paper that you have a good case for investing in a development, it's time to start finalising some decisions.
Build multiple homes in Perth
Step 1: WA Planning CommissionYour first application in the approval process is to the WA Planning Commission.
The format of the development is agreed upon, and the primary applications are in place.
PPA-Preliminary Plans agreement
Development approval has been granted, the subdivision has been enacted and the plans have been finalised.

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