If the Feasibility study works out and it appears on paper that you have a good case for investing in a development, it's time to start finalising some decisions.

Applications and Titles

The most important factor at this stage is to get your parameters right - that is, to ensure that your development is optimally configured for your objectives, and that the titles you are applying for are appropriate for your desired outcome. The titling is crucial, and an error at this stage can cost you big money in terms of inability to settle soon after handover, increased holding costs and legal manouevring if you need to reconfigure the ownership.

The Amano Homes Developments team can help ensure you get this part right. We start at the end - what your goals are - and work back to ensure that every step on the journey leads you there.


If you're ready to proceed with a design by Amano Homes, it's time to get some serious work done.

The first stage is the Preliminary Plans Agreement. We ask for a $1500 deposit, which will cover the cost of producing preliminary designs, incorporation of your feedback and changes, and a full costing for the design and build. This includes all costs (including earthworks, demolition and other non-build costs) with no provisional costs, so that there are no surprises in store for you later. The designs and costings are sufficiently detailed for you to take them to your finance provider for provisional approval of finance.

The process we follow is that once the preliminary plans are agreed upon, we submit everything for development approval (to WAPC, DPI, Landgate). We await 100% approval before creating plans to a builder's standard, which you can use to secure unconditional finance approval and apply for a building licence from your local council. The costs detailed in the preliminary plans should not change at this stage, so there are no unexpected variations that can play havoc with your finance arrangements after unconditional loan approval has been given.


Now that the project is beginning to take shape, it's time to submit applications. These include submissions to the WA Planning Commission (which will take care of power, water, health and other authority clearances), the Department of Planning and Infrastructure, and your local shire council. Your plans will also have to be lodged with Landgate for title issue.

Final Plans

Once development approval has been granted and your feedback and design changes have been incorporated, we can produce final plans that are presented to your local council for approval, as well as being used to secure unconditional finance. We ask for a 2% deposit for the development of the final plans, and at this point will also provide a finance staging schedule. Each completed stage of the build attracts a payment.

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