Preparing to Build

The format of the development is agreed upon, and the primary applications are in place.

The process should now begin to accelerate, and things will really start happening on your block. These will include:

  • Demolition - if required, we can help you arrange demolition of existing structures and clearing of the block.
  • Site works - our early attention to detail means you'll know exactly what you're up for in terms of earthmoving, retaining walls and other siteworks.
  • Final plans - all your changes have been worked into the plans, which are finalised and sent to council to apply for a building licence.
  • Prestart - choose your floor and window coverings, light fittings, tiles, taps and basins, and all the other little details. Remember, don't go overboard if you're looking to rent or sell. Your Amano Homes Development consultant will take you through the long list of choices to make and help you colour coordinate.

Enquire now

Please contact us or one of our team members today for further assistance.