Site Assessment

Once you've decided what your development will look like, what your probable return on investment will be and how you will get the maximum benefit from it, it's time to look at the block.

If you're working with the Amano Homes development team, we'll get plans from your local council and walk the site with you to explain important issues - items such as existing services and how they'll need to be altered or added, easements, demolition or levelling requirements, earthwork and soil issues, and the interests of authorities such as the Swan River Trust, the Planning Commission. The aspect, elevation and accessibility will also impact on your subdivision and development plans.

This first site assessment will answer a lot of questions, and give you an idea of the kind of costs that will be involved. If you decide after the site assessment that you don't want to proceed, you owe us nothing. Later when we move onto a more thorough examination of the site with a surveyor, and start creating plans and submitting applications on your behalf, you will need to commit a deposit.

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