Where do I start?

Before you even begin to consider the "how" of your development, you need to determine the "why" and the "when" of your project.

Consider exactly what you want from your investment, and how to achieve it. Do you want to sell or rent the new dwellings, or a mix of both? Perhaps you're considering living in one of the new homes yourself.

These considerations will impact the scale and cost of your project, the ownership and title approach, and even the type of finance that's best for your desired outcome.

It's best to have a comprehensive and frank discussion with a development professional who understands how to achieve your objectives and can help you structure the project to ensure you attain your goals. The last thing you need is to have to wait weeks or even months for settlement because of a title issue, or to save money on build costs only to lose it all on extended holding or interest costs thanks to delays.

The Amano Homes Development team gives you the opportunity to take advantage of over a hundred years of combined industry experience - but if you're not yet ready to speak to us, read the pages on the links to the right and you'll gain an insight into the complexities and challenges ahead if you decide to manage the whole process yourself.

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